A screwed up blogger, called Aai. I was born and raised in a parental guidance in a fascinating city called Batu Pahat. Currently mereput at home (just finished my asasi year). This blog is consist of my life's out and about. Feel free to leave your footprint here.

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  • April 2016

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  • Beauty blog
    Posted on 13 April 2016 at 1:13 AM.

    Assalamualaikum everyone and selamat sejahtera.
    First of all this is my very first post after a quite long time.

    I know it's kinda awkward and stuff but ya whatever.
    So this blog is specify in sharing beauty stuff.
    What make up ive been used, what's good and suitable for this type of skin and bla bla.
    Im not a pakar but i share apa i tahu je eheh.

    Hopefully this blog will help some girls out there yang baru nak belajar make up.
    I pun beginner so belajar sesama lah hehe.

    If you have any idea what to do etc etc, just tell me. Comment below and i will try my best 
    to do the suggestions. Thank you in advance :)